Gift for a grungy goth: Wise old tree oil burner

I wasn’t going to make a post about this, but I’m really proud of how it turned out and I haven’t posted anything on this site in ages. This post won’t be that detailed, though, so if you’re interested in a full how-to guide please leave a comment below! I made this to practice certain paper mache techniques so I can make a series of gifts for my friend Sophie (who’s designing a logo for my shop). The brief was “I want an incense burner, you know my aesthetic”. I decided to go with a woodland gothic theme, and always liked the idea of a tree with a face being used as a candle holder. I was really proud of it because it came out right the first time and there were only a few minor (and fairly rectifiable) mistakes. I hope it brings Sophie as much joy as it’s brought me!

Extreme Makeover: Birdhouse Edition

This is one of my earlier projects I did when I was bored. It was a snap decision and I had to learn to utilize what materials I had. I didn’t draw out a design, nor did I expressly plan anything. I just let the mood take me. I’m rather proud of the results. Click “Continue Reading” to see how I made it and what I could have improved.

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