LARP: Torches


A couple of months ago I saw this post by the legendary crafter MagpieB0nes. I didn’t think much of it, in fact looking at the method I figured the light would be rather static and dull (although the overall aesthetic was amazing)! Fast-forward about a month and I’m discussing with the manager of a certain LARP what props I could make to make his quests more interesting. One thing that was brought up was the lack of safety involved in fighting around real fires. I instantly knew what could be done!

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LARP: A big ol’ hunk o’ meat

A couple of years ago, there was a quest campaign in the Fools and Heroes system in which a wyvern (basically the normal dragon) was attacking local farmland and we had to find a way of luring it to study it. In the end we settled on a giant piece of meat, or as my farmer / vet character Cecil called it “a big ol’ hunk o’ meat”.

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