Previous employment, volunteering, and achievements


Lynk Organization

In this role I was a sales representative marketing charities in public places and events. I learned various direct sales techniques, as well as stand setup, and handling complaints.

R Collard

In this role I was responsible for picking through rubble to retrieve valuable materials like metals and plastics, along with cleaning around the site and observing proper health and safety.


In this role I had a wide range of responsibilities from unloading trucks to leading staging teams. I learned to cope with high demands in a tense environment, working bad hours with little rest. I later returned to work as a DA assistant, where I arranged shipments in the yard, assisted drivers, and kept the yard clear.


Fools and Heroes – Rumbling in the Deepwoods

In July 2019 I volunteered as crew for a 24 hour larping session, where I helped move kit around, as well as playing various NPCs, cleaning the site, delivering food to the players, and dealing with player questions and feedback. Here I also provided refurbished torches I made as props, which received excellent feedback.

Volunteer Ranger

Since July 2018 I’ve been volunteering for Earley Town Council, helping maintain local parks and forests. My key roles include building and setting up displays, coppicing trees, cutting back invasive weeds, public outreach about the forest, and many other environment-related tasks.

Pangaea Festival

From February to June 2018, I volunteered as a decorator for Pangaea Festival, a student led themed festival in Manchester. In this role I devoted over a hundred hours to deciding the theme, designing each room, designing and building each bit of decoration, as well as some minor marketing-based work like hanging posters and distributing tickets and leaflets. Due to my hard work on the launch party, I was promoted to the head of a stage. If you wish to see some of my Pangaea work, please take a look at the Pangaea tag.

Bachelors Degree in Chemistry

From September 2015 to June 2018 I attended the University of Manchester, and achieved a degree third class bachelors degree in chemistry. I studied a range of subjects including measurement and synthesis labs, in which I developed many skills, including devising synthesis routes, accurately measuring spectra, and an overall familiarity with the usage of many different types of lab equipment. I also learned countless other subjects, from Leadership Theory to History of Madness in Society to Advanced Computational Chemistry. This not only educated me, but also gave me many transferable skills, such as improved 3D visualization, problem solving, and cognition.

National Citizens Service

In September 2013 I volunteered on the National Citizens Service, in which I attended a week of team building excercises, a week of talks and life skill training, a week of pitching ideas and raising money for a project in the final week, which involved helping at a retirement home for those suffering from dementia. In this role we organized parties, craft activities, therapy sessions, and also helped maintain and decorate a garden.

World Challenge to Ethiopia

In 2012 I went on a World Challenge expedition to Ethiopia. In the year prior to World Challenge, I trained, raised money, and planned the trip. During the trip I was appointed Health and Safety officer, but was also appointed Liason officer due to my ability to haggle with the locals, and arrange for provisions, security, and activities.