Belated Birthday Blunder: A straw hut for my dad

I’m not particularly proud of this one (not because it’s tacky, although it is), since this comes as the result of missing my dads birthday. I wanted to get him a really special gift so I decided to make him a model with what (at the time) little model building experience I had.

I made the hut using half a plastic Easter egg covered in coconut strands. I made the camp fire out of charred pieces of twig with shiny red and gold foil inside (I realize now that I should have done the red at the bottom and the gold at the top). The tree trunk and branches was made from coiled wire covered in paper, covered in latex that had been roughed up with a wire brush.The canopy was made from several fluffed up layers of scouring pads, covered in yellow foam powder. The grass was made using a static flock applicator with longer strands inserted manually (their tips were glued and dipped into brown foam powder). The ground was made from wet-painted SculptaMold then sprinkled with the dust from coconut husks to give the effect of fallen leaves. Finally the spade was made from a matchstick and lollipop stick painted brown and grey respectively, the edges of the head dry-brushed with terracotta paint giving a rusted effect.

Suffice to say I never forgot my dads birthday again. Happy Birthday Papa 🙂 ?

LARP: A big ol’ hunk o’ meat

A couple of years ago, there was a quest campaign in the Fools and Heroes system in which a wyvern (basically the normal dragon) was attacking local farmland and we had to find a way of luring it to study it. In the end we settled on a giant piece of meat, or as my farmer / vet character Cecil called it “a big ol’ hunk o’ meat”.

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Pangaea: Atom

One of the projects I’m proudest of having worked on was Pangaea Festival 2018. In this I was promoted to the head of a stage, and was given free reign to design and decorate one of the stages, Age of Discovery. One of the items I made to decorate this room was giant spinning atoms:

I made this out of three wiggly metal rings hot glue gunned together at right angles. Four atoms were connected together (varying numbers and colors for other atoms) and tied up with fishing line and suspended from one of the rings. The entire thing was then hung from a disco ball hook to allow it to spin.

Overall this was a success, but I was disappointed on two major points:

  • The three rings were difficult to hold together while gluing
  • The glue wasn’t strong enough to hold them together and many broke before properly being hung up  (if I had more time and money I would have used a scratch stone to identify the metal and used the correct type of solder to join them)
  • Some of the disco ball hooks didn’t work

Extreme Makeover: Birdhouse Edition

This is one of my earlier projects I did when I was bored. It was a snap decision and I had to learn to utilize what materials I had. I didn’t draw out a design, nor did I expressly plan anything. I just let the mood take me. I’m rather proud of the results. Click “Continue Reading” to see how I made it and what I could have improved.

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