LARP: A big ol’ hunk o’ meat

A couple of years ago, there was a quest campaign in the Fools and Heroes system in which a wyvern (basically the normal dragon) was attacking local farmland and we had to find a way of luring it to study it. In the end we settled on a giant piece of meat, or as my farmer / vet character Cecil called it “a big ol’ hunk o’ meat”.

I went out and bought a some red fake leather to represent the meat, and took some of the spare cardboard tubes they keep in the fabric shop, as well as some old pillows from a charity shop and a plastic chain from a hardware store.

I cut and ripped the tubes then painted them white to make bones. In total there were six.

I then Figured out exactly where each “bone” will go, and marked it in pencil. This is before I learned how to use a sewing machine, so I sewed it by hand inside out, then turned it the right way around, stuffed it and glued in the bones with hot glue. I also spray painted the plastic chain silver (I could only find red plastic chains) and attached it to the longest bone (this was used IC to attach it to a tree).

Next time I’d change the design a little:

  • I’d make the “bones” run up underneath the fake leather to make it a little more realistic
  • I might use a different material to make the bones seem more realistic (and also bend them a little bit)
  • I’d round off the corners to make it look more natural
  • I’d mix up the color a bit, maybe by sewing a stuffed layer of white leather as a piece of fat
  • I’d wet it and may even use fake blood

In case anyone’s wondering: the dragon took the bait and we found out valuable information on it which helped us kill it the next week.